Sore Throat Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

sick childHaving a sore throat can ruin anyone’s day. It can be an on-going thing, or it can just happen when you wake up and go away during the day. In these cases, sometimes it’s hard to say how the sore throat comes about, and therefore it becomes difficult to treat it. Below is a discussion about the causes of a sore throat (which aren’t always medical), the symptoms of the sore throat, and how to go about treating it for a quicker recovery.

The causes of a sore throat are many. They can be viral, bacterial, and have environmental factors involved. Sometimes even extreme diseases can be the cause. Viral infection is what most people assume, like having a cold or the flu. This could also mean diseases like chickenpox or the measles could be affecting your throat. Croup, being an infection of the larynx, could also be a cause. Bacterial infection can be things like having a whooping cough which can cause sore throats, and also strep throat, which is mainly an inflamed throat.

Environmental factors could entail things that you’re allergic to. If you’re surrounded by mold, pollen, or dander, and you’re allergic to it, it could cause your throat to swell up and become sore. Dry air, smoking cigarettes, even talking or yelling too much can make your throat sore. There is even a chance, though unlikely, that a sore throat may be a warning sign to throat cancer, though this is a very rare case.

The diagnosis of a sore throat should be pretty obvious, though sometimes the symptoms are unrelated to your throat. Sometimes it’s just simple enough to have a pain in your throat, or it’s scratchy and uncomfortable when you talk or swallow. Other times, having a sore throat is just the beginning of whatever sickness you’re experiencing. If your sore throat creates difficulty breathing, eating, causes pain in your ears, bloody mucus, or a rash, then it’s time to visit your Coral Springs doctor. For example, at this walk-in clinic…

Your doctor would be able to diagnose what sickness you’re experiencing when it comes to viral or bacterial infections, but if it’s environmentally driven, then your doctor would probably send you to your allergist, as this could be the reason.

Treatment of the common sore throat is really easy and sometimes doesn’t require medicine. Things such as gargling salt water, drinking warm fluids like tea and soup, taking throat lozenges, and particularly avoiding environmental irritants, are all things that can help reduce the effects of a sore throat. Bacterial infections can be solved by a doctor’s prescription, while your doctor may let the virus run itself out, though they will provide medication to help rid you of it.

If you have a sore throat, you could treat it with drinking warm fluids and gargling salt water. If this doesn’t help any, then perhaps it’s time to see a doctor. Making sure you know the cause of your sore throat can help your Coral Springs doctor prescribe what you need to ensure you’ll be healthy again in no time.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Vibrant and Healthy

woman sun tanningWithout a doubt, a Coral Springs dermatologist has the means and methods to do wonders to unhealthy and damaged skin. But did you know that there are steps that you take on your own to keep your skin looking young and healthy?

The importance of healthy and beautiful skin can’t be denied. After all, it’s the first thing that another person sees when they look at you. And that first glance plays a role in whether they determine you to be attractive and someone they might like to meet or know better, or if you’re unhealthy and someone to be avoided. But not all skin is the same because there are several types.

What I mean is that your skin type can be different based on several factors. For example, genetics and hormones can play big roles. That’s why you’ll often hear skin care experts express skin types as oily, dry, normal, or combination. It’s important to know your skin type because there are different ways for making it stay healthy.

Below you’ll find several tips for maintaining good skin health regardless of the type you have:

1. Drink plenty of water – I don’t want to make the mistake of telling you to drink lots of liquids, because not all liquids are good for your skin. Water is the absolute best liquid for your skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and supple.

2. Use “all natural” skin care products when possible – There’s nothing wrong with using skin care products that contain certain chemicals. The problem is that the chemicals used in some products are low quality and can cause skin damage. These bad chemicals have the potential to make your skin look worn out, dry, and simply unhealthy. So, although you may have to pay a little more for some all-natural skin care products, they will often be a better alternative to those that are poorly manufactured just to make a buck.

3. Use sun protection – Many of us in South Florida are sun worshipers. We love going to the beach, boating, etc. And who doesn’t look better with a nice bronze sun tan? But the problem is, despite the many benefits of the sun, it also emits harmful ultra-violet rays. These rays will damage the skin over time and dry it out. So you’ll start getting wrinkles at a younger age, thus making you look older. You can also get skin cancer. So reduce these risks by using sunscreen, wearing a hat when you’re out in your yard, and minding how much you expose yourself to the sun.

4. Keep your body fit – Your skin can benefit significantly through exercise. In addition to just keeping your body and skin looking tone, exercising releases nasty toxins from the body.

5. Clean your skin regularly – It’s important that you clean your face in order to keep the pores open. You don’t want dirt, grime, and oil to get trapped in them as this can lead to pimples and just make your skin look drab.

So that’s five easy ways to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. But if your skin is already damaged or aging prematurely, then contact our Coral Springs dermatology office for a consultation.